Leicester Ageing Together's response to COVID19

Hello! Leicester Ageing Together is a small group of local and national charities set up 5 years ago to reduce social isolation, particularly amongst older people, in parts of Leicester. We’ve learned some ways of helping people to keep in touch, meet new people and do things to boost their mood even from their own home. We want to share these with you and encourage everyone to try #DistantSocialising
This website will soon contain ideas and information about things you can do at home, when you're self-isolating and socially distancing. The information is designed to help you find something new and different to do, or find new ways of doing things you enjoy; whether it's discovering astronomy, gardening learning a new language, playing games with friends, finding a penpal or creating quizzes.   

LCC operate several out of hours emergency helplines between 6pm to 8am. These numbers should only be used in emergency situations
Adults' services
0116 255 1606
Children's services
0116 454 1004
County and Rutland children's services
0116 305 0005
Housing repairs
0116 254 9439
Environmental problems and noise nuisance
0116 254 4344
Homelessness service
0116 221 2770
School closures
From Monday 23 March, if possible, your child should be at home. But for certain groups, schools will be open. If you’re a key worker, or your child has an education, health and care plan or a social worker, LCC has a helpline available for you to find out more. Call 0116 454 6216 or 0116 454 6217. More information is also available on the DfE website.

Crisis Applications

To make a claim for crisis support, people should email their name and contact number to C19support@leicester.gov.uk.
Our staff will then call back between 9.30am and 4pm Monday to Friday and the application will be completed over the phone.
If eligible, how do I collect a voucher or food?
If your application is successful, utility vouchers will be emailed directly to you or a trusted family member or friend.
Food will be delivered to your door.

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