Digital Inclusion Project

Quotes from Participants

"The whole experience was like having a door opened up on the World. I’m catching up with everyone, at last!" and  "Even before lockdown, it felt like being isolated on an Island, but now it's good to feel like normal people do and to be able to talk about the world of the internet, to send emails and to feel connected." Linda, Leicester

"I'm really happy that I am able to talk to my family through lockdown by my companion teaching me to use and set up WhatsApp." Christine, Leicester

How the Project works

Leicester Ageing Together provides support to over 50s living in Leicester who wish to improve their digital skills, improve their wellbeing and/or overcome loneliness through the digital inclusion project.  The project offers a combination of one to one support and group digital skills sessions.

When a participant registers with the project we ask questions about their interests, the type of information they want to access online, the devices they own and what types of skills they want to develop.  The participant is then matched with a digital companion, who will support them over the phone and in person on a one to one basis.  We train our companions in safeguarding, online security, digital companion training and if necesary how to set up a loaned device.   

Once the participant knows the basics of Gmail and Zoom through practice with their companion, we invite them to twice weekly digital skills sessions. To date our volunteers have delivered sessions about Gmail, online shopping, online banking, FaceBook, YouTube and many other topics. We have enjoyed sessions delivered by guest speakers. To date these have included presentations by Leicester Police Cyber Crime Unit and Leicester City Football Club.  In the next month we will host sessions by the Workers Education Authority, the Good Things Foundation and The Conservation Volunteers.  As well as designing sessions around the Essential Digital Skills Framework we include sessions requested by our participants like BBC Sounds App or information sources online.  

If you have a device or not our scheme is open to everyone who is over 50 and living in Leicester.  We can provide devices on a loan basis to those who do not have them.  We only ask that participants allow at least 3 months to see any improvements as research shows that this is the amount of time to see any significant change.  If you are interested in joining us as a participant or volunteer then please see the leaflets below for how to join.

Digital Companions - how to sign up

Details on how to sign up as a companion for this project can be found on this leaflet. (Zoom in to see full details)

Digital Participants

If you want to register as a participant please register using the contact details on this leaflet. (Zoom in to see full details)