Learning from Leicester Ageing Together

Leicester Ageing Together is an action research project. We have been delivering services through our partners and working with academics to learn from the programme, in order to influence future commissioning and service development.
Here we will share reports on different topics, which are data driven and evidence what we do.

Empowering Communities - Learning event, 3rd July 2019

This interactive workshop reflected on key learning on what works (and doesn’t work) in empowering people aged 50+ to develop creative responses to loneliness and social isolation.

We considered findings from independent evaluations of the LAT Partnership, Community Connectors, and Mental Wellbeing Project and how LAT interventions support work across health and care systems through developing and supporting vibrant and resilient communities of both place and identity. Information from the event is here

Susan Hoath LAT presentation 3rd July 2019

'Active Communities: Preventing Type 2 Diabetes'

Leicester Ageing Together supports people aged 50+ to be actively involved in their communities - read more on raising awareness of, and responding to, Type 2 Diabetes LAT Learning Active Involvement in Communities

Diabetes Self-Help Group

'Finding Our Voice'  

Read about our January 2019 LAT Learning event BAME Older People Flourishing and watch films from our LAT Partners' Learning Showcase - here 

BAME Older People Flourishing

A short film exploring the impact of Everyday creativity on well-being and social inclusion. See here

A film presentation from the Learning Event, May 2018 'Outcomes to Date'. See here.

A film presentation from the Learning Event, May 2018 'Engagement & Reach'. See here

A film presentation from the Learning Event, Oct 2018 'Older People Providing Solutions'. See below:

 Click the links below to download a map of each ward Leicester Ageing Together delivers services in:

Belgrave ward 

Evington ward

Spinney Hills ward

Thurncourt ward

Wycliffe ward