Highfields Community Association

A picture of the Highfields Community Association logo.

Highfields Community Association (HCA), a registered charity since 1972, was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in 2007. It is responsible for the Highfields Centre in Leicester.

HCA works closely with all parts of the local community to ensure that their needs are fully understood and articulated, and that their views are harnessed to guide the development of services provided by the centre.

Nearly 2,000 individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures and faiths attend the centre on a weekly basis for a wide range of activities, classes, clubs and events.

HCA provides an extensive range of services, from playgroups and youth clubs, adult learning and advice, to new arts and sports services and the H-Café.

The Elders Project

The Elders Project enables isolated older people to be able to access a regular drop-in and make friends, engage in arts, sports and other learning activities. Individuals attending these sessions are also able to access the Centre’s IAG and welfare rights services, promoting their active engagement as community members and their economic wellbeing.

This project is being delivered in Spinney Hills and Wycliffe.