Workers' Educational Association

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The Workers' Educational Association (WEA) is a charity as well as the UK’s largest voluntary sector provider of adult education. It has been delivering learning across Leicester for over 100 years. The WEA provides high quality, student-centred and tutor-led education for adults from all walks of life, bringing education into the heart of communities.

Older and Wiser

This project develops learning activities through two main strands, Community Learning and New Phase.

Community Learning
The WEA develops and delivers a range of community learning activities and classes. They seek to engage with isolated older people through partner projects in the programme, such as Neighbourhood Guardians and Loneliness Prescription, to identify learning activities that older people would like to participate in, and to reach older people who are not currently involved in any form of learning. 

The Older and Wiser project also develops learning activities specifically targeted at older lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and will be working in partnership with Leicester LGBT Centre.

New Phase
The WEA designs and develops learning activities aimed at ‘younger older people,’ focusing on topics such as planning for retirement, active old age, volunteering, keeping up with technology, and financial literacy. They work with programme partners and individuals in the design and development of learning activities within New Phase. Older people are involved as informal educators and volunteers, sharing their experiences and supporting others.

This project is being delivered in Belgrave, Thurncourt, Evington, Spinney Hills and Wycliffe.

Awareness and Signposting

This project delivers a series of Awareness Training sessions to help increase knowledge and understanding of the potential signs and impact of isolation in older people. Training is provided for LAT partner employees, volunteers and other individuals or agencies who are likely to come into contact with isolated older people. A resource pack will also be developed to support participants in signposting or referring individuals to relevant services.

This project is being delivered in Belgrave, Thurncourt, Evington, Spinney Hills and Wycliffe.

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