LAT and #DistantCompanions

Hello, and thank you so much for volunteering for Leicester Ageing Together and supporting our attempt to reduce social isolation and loneliness amongst particularly vulnerable people across the city, of all ages, during this difficult time for us all.

About Leicester Ageing Together (LAT)

LAT is a partnership of voluntary and community organisations that has been working with people aged 50+ to address loneliness and isolation in specific areas of the city for the last five years, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. We’re now being funded, through City Council Public Health,  to work across the city and to use our learning to support people through lockdown and our current challenges. 

About #DistantCompanions

We recognise that many people have been in different forms of isolation as a result of COVID-19 and that we all of our mental wellbeing will have been affected in some way by the lockdown. This phone line is for those who are looking for a companion in the short term to provide social contact, maybe allay concerns and check on the wellbeing of some of the city’s most vulnerable and isolated people. The people using this service are likely to be many and varied. As part of the matching process, we will aim to match you with someone who you may have something in common with, to help provide a topic for conversation, but our key goals are to: 

▪ To reduce social isolation by having a friendly chat

▪ To promote independence

▪ To be positive as this will improve health and emotional wellbeing

▪ Increase access to online local social, community and other leisure activities

This page should give you all the information you need to refer to in your role. We would ask you to complete the form below after every call. This is a safeguard for you and the person you are contacting. It also helps us monitor the effectiveness of this offer.

We have also provided links to the documents you should already have seen and the training package you should already have done, so you can refer back to these. We may amend the information on here in response to emerging need.

We really hope you enjoy making these calls. We will invite you to talk about your experience later in the project to understand how it has been for you. Most importantly, if you need support or are concerned about anything, do let us know.

Thanks again, 

The Leicester Ageing Together team

Complete our online training delivered by Befriending Networks HERE