Evaluation Officer - Kickstarter

Expected Commitment: Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm (1 hr for lunch unpaid)

Location:  National (working remotely from home) or from Leicester Office (New Walk) 

Opportunity: We are recruiting for an evaluation officer to support LAT projects aimed at helping people aged 50+ living in Leicester to stay connected with local services and their community.  There are two distinct evaluation areas: the digital inclusion project - helping participants to improve their essential digital skills and connect online, and the work of Community Connectors.

This is an interesting and varied role.  The prime focus will be centred around three types of evaluation, these are: baseline, interim and exit evaluation of the participants.   You will use topic guide techniques including probing and funnelling to extract high quality qualitative data for tabulation. The work may include some evaluation design (this could be topic guides, questionnaires, focus groups).

This is an exceptional opportunity for someone who has either degree level research experience or a marketing/research background.  It is an opportunity for robust personal development.

 Responsibilities: The evaluation officer will:

In respect of Data Collection:

  • Contact digital inclusion participants to collect baseline readings for elements such as essential       digital and wellbeing this be working within a predefined methodology (no research design will be   required here). This will be a mixture of both quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Contact digital inclusion participants and digital companions to run the ‘exit’ evaluation which         includes digital companion feedback, participant feedback and Most Significant Change.  Most       Significant Change is a story telling framework for measuring change. This will be heavily qualitative data.

In respect of Evaluation:

  • Transcribing the qualitative baseline data and tabulating to establish themes. The method and          structure for this has already been designed and only needs to be maintained.
  • Finding themes in qualitative data.
  • Essential Digital Skills scoring to identify strengths and weaknesses that enable digital companion workflow that is individually suited to participants.
  • Maintain interim reporting, the template and framework for this has already been established.
  • Work in tandem with external evaluator to produce final reporting (this will be a comparison              between qualitative and quantitative baseline and exit data).

In respect of Most Significant Change: (We use the Most Significant Change Framework that uses storytelling to measure change)

  • Deliver Most Significant Change preparation sessions to community connectors and digital                companions. This training has already been designed.
  • Ensure the success of Most Significant Change by maintaining the quality of the data collected.  This will include reviewing transcripts and offering further training to digital companions or community connectors.

Qualities and skills, we are looking for:

  • Awareness of electronic transcription and recording software.(E)
  • Basic quantitative and qualitative analysis using Excel.(E)
  • Ability to distinguish outlier qualitative and quantitative data either by removing or highlighting for reporting. Be able to dismiss and know when data is bad or of low quality or an outlier that does no add insight into the conversation. (D)
  • Use of Jotform, Survey Monkey or similar.(E)
  • Basic database manipulation.(E)
  • Understands qualitative tabulation methods for organising data.(E)
  • Averages evaluation of data sets. (E)
  • Understanding of question scales and question variation to account for bias.(E)
  • Evaluation reporting for different audiences. (E)
  • Inquisitive nature (D)
  • A desire to work with 50+ age group.(E)
  • Have a flexible work ethic and an accommodating nature.(E)

What resources and help are there for this position?

     We provide the following training:

  • One to one induction by current evaluation officer and ongoing drop-in supervision for the duration of the role.  
  • Safeguarding
  • 5-week accredited WEA digital companion course (October start).
  • Invitation to research webinars.
  • Monthly training meetings will be provided to support career progression, CV advice and interview  techniques

Ready to Apply?

 Please note you can ONLY apply for a role under this scheme if you have already been referred to us by your job coach at the Job Centre. If you are interested in applying for one of these roles, you must get your coach to refer you to us first. We will check that applicants are eligible to be employed under this scheme prior to interviews. Terms and Conditions apply to this role ask your job centre coach for more details. Applications can only be accepted for people aged 16 yrs to 24 yrs.