Senses Awakening

  • Published on 21st May 2019

In this film from DMU Local, Colin describes how getting involved in the Pop Up Cafe in Thurnby Lodge has helped him overcome feelings of loneliness and to make connections in his neighbourhood.

Colin says"...I started to wake up. My senses start to come alive. Ideas slowly start to come again....and sense of wellbeing...and start to make more friends." 

Colin, now helps out at the group by taking the members' weekly payments, and welcoming new members to the group. "I'm paying them back with the way the group has helped me - it's brought my old self back!"  

Colin's also the sharp mind behind great ideas like the LAT Cosy Bus - a cold-weather alternative to pop-up cafes in cul-de-sacs Close Encounters (Dec 2018)

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