Our Learning from May 2018

Leicester Ageing Together's Second Learning Event - July 4th at DMU

Published on 30th May 2018

Successful interventions – what really counts?

Loneliness has been described as a modern epidemic, to such an extent that it now has its own Government Minister.

We already know there is a direct correlation between loneliness and ill health and that it’s a particular issue for older people, putting pressure on our health and care services when they are already stretched. So how do we tackle this?

This second Learning Event will examine the different support models employed by Leicester Ageing Together and consider outcomes from different approaches.

Speakers include:
Dr Jamie Mackrill, Director of New Opportunities, Vista; Dr Louise Thomson and Sarah Hadfield, Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham.

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Leicester Ageing Together launches its Learning Programme

Published on 16th May 2018

Since beginning in October 2015 Leicester Ageing together has been delivering services and support to socially isolated older people, gathering information about what works along the way.
We have also worked with academics and collected robust data and are now ready to begin sharing our findings with others who may be delivering similar services, designing services for older people, concerned about the impacts of social isolation.
On 16th May we launched our Learning Programme with the first of a series of events focusing on 'Engagement & Reach' and the 'Outcomes to date'.

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